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Thomas Jefferson School

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Thomas Jefferson School (TJ), an international coed boarding and day school community for grades 7 to 12 located in suburban St. Louis, Missouri. TJ core classical liberal arts curriculum appeals to students from St. Louis to Shanghai, Little Rock to NowySacz. Thomas Jefferson School are a community of diverse minds aspiring to the highest standards of scholarship.

Our Mission

Thomas Jefferson School gives its students the strongest possible academic background through a classical education. Within a nurturing community, students develop a responsibility for their own learning and a desire to lift up the world with beauty and intellect.


The Best Choice for College Preparation


Since 1946, Thomas Jefferson School (TJ) has provided students the best environment in which to develop true intellectual depth. We provide an unparalleled program that emphasizes community and responsibility and holds students to high expectations in every area of school life.


TJ students are truly diverse and can’t be categorized as any particular type. They share energy, independence, a passion for learning, and a commitment to preparing for college. TJ students connect with others who have the same desire to learn. TJ is truly a second home.


The formative teenage years are a critical time for developing cultural awareness and analytical thinking. The liberal arts, ideally suited for this time in life, give young people an education that is never out of date.


TJ students are remarkable. We consider it a privilege to work with them. Their impressive college-placement record is a result of their natural ability and their learning experience at TJ.


Which standardized tests do students take?

PSAT: Normally taken twice: once in October of the tenth grade as a practice run and an early indication of how each student is likely to test, and once in October of the eleventh grade as the “real thing” for National Merit qualification.

ACT: Generally taken twice: in the spring of eleventh grade and in the fall of twelfth grade. The college counselors advise juniors about their individual preparation for this. The ACT includes English, Math, Science, Reading and Writing, although very few schools use the writing sections of either the ACT or SAT.

SAT Reasoning Test: Generally taken twice: in the spring of the eleventh grade and in the fall of the twelfth. The college counselors advise juniors about their individual preparation for these. We are pleased to be among the top schools in the nation, as listed by Boarding School Review, for our median SAT scores. This ranking is not a goal in itself, but simply a byproduct of the students we enroll and the education they gain here.

SAT Subject Tests: These tests are optional at most schools. May be taken in June of the eleventh grade and, sometimes, again in the fall of the twelfth, depending on how many and which tests are required by the institutions to which the student plans to apply.

Advanced Placement (AP): Exams occur in the spring of tenth, eleventh and twelfth grades. These are not required by colleges but may have some impact on admission if shown on the transcript, especially at the most competitive places. They may also allow student to move into higher level courses as freshmen and/or receive college credit.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Typically taken by our international students in the spring of the eleventh grade and usually one or more times in the fall of the twelfth. Colleges may use this as a substitute for the SAT verbal. Many schools waive the TOEFL if a student has been taking English at an American school for three or more years. Student must check with individual colleges to determine their requirements.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition for the 2016-2017 School Year
$26,100 Day Students
$44,350 Five-Day Boarding Students
$47,050 Seven-Day Boarding Students
$49,050 International Seven-Day Boarding Students


TJ estimate that additional $1,800 will typically cover the cost of books, supplies, activity and technology fees, and other school expenses. This figure does not include travel expenses, weekly allowances, or College Board and Advanced Placement examinations for juniors. Additionally, all International Students will be charged approximately $1,200 per academic year for health insurance.


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